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I'm recently diagnosed with MS. I've been trying to follow oms diet and think I've been pretty successful.
I do have blood sugar problems and sometimes feel hypoglycemic which also seems to exacerbate my symptoms of numbness.

Does anyone else cope with this problem? Are there some foods that will help regulate blood sugar?
I'm accustomed to regulating it with animal protein.

In addition I'd like to express my thanks to all of you and Dr Jelinek for so much good information.

Typically have you swapped meat for fish? How often are you eating seafood?
How much general oil are you consuming a day?
I'm diabetic, (type II), and have reduced my A1C from 13.6 March 2016 to 5.4 December 2016, going in in a week for my next update.

I always carry dates and nuts, (cashews or almonds), so that I can get a protein boost or a sugar boost as I need it. The other thing that I do with the diet, is to eat small meals more often, rather than large meals a couple of times a day. Most days I'll eat breakfast, early lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and often a snack between 9 and 10 at night. That keeps me more stable than breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Balancing meals with plenty of greens, legumes, fruit, and fresh fish, (Trout), 3 - 4 times a week, Humus, baked beans, (home made, sugar free), I reduced bad carbs, and added brown rice, rye bread with flax meal, smaller tortillas and whole wheat ones.

I used to suffer daily, but now on the diet I can go weeks without a hypoglycemic event, but by having the dates and nuts on hand, they haven't been as long or severe as they used to be.
Be well, live long and prosper!

I'm eating seafood frequently, 4-5 times a week, egg whites sometimes, and tofu. 1 TBLSP flax daily, I think I may be eating too much olive oil, salad dressing is the culprit.

Farrier, I appreciate your suggestion of smaller meals more often, I'll give that a shot. The dates and nuts are a good idea too. I'm pre-diabetic and want to do what I can to be as healthy as possible.

How big are your nut and date portions?

Given the gravity of my MS diagnosis and with the help of Prof. Jelinek's book, it's been a relatively smooth transition to a better lifestyle. I'm still figuring things out, it's a lot to cope with.

Thanks for responding.
Well done for making the changes and wanting to get in that driving seat.
Oils and meat are tipping the balance I think, this is a whole food plant based diet with some fish I think your doing too much fish and probably olive oil (because prediabetec), if you're going to use oil on salad use flax. Fresh cold pressed is best most shop bought is rancid.
Make sure you proper exercise if pre diabetic get your exercise in.
Could take a read on McDougall.com and forks over knives on diabetes.
Be mindful of not replacing meat and two veg with fish and two veg. There is protein in all whole foods eaten even fruit but to varying densities. We don't go short on protein even if vegan, if you eat enough whole food calories you'll get enough protein. I eat three main meals but with two good snacks mid morning and afternoon.
Do get your vitamin d level checked.
Good luck.

I'm just a fellow forum member and avid reader.
I carry a sandwich bag about 1/2 full of nuts, and about 1/4 full of dates, that's about 12 dates. I don't stuff it full as it fits in a pocket better when not full.

As veg said you can get a good balance with fruit and veg, I eat a fair amount of beans and peas.

Adding things like nutritional yeast, 1 Tbs in a pasta or rice dish, gives you a nice cheesy flavor and a protein boost at the same time. Bean sprouts in salad add a useful kick, as do a handful of nuts.

The main thing I try and remember to do, is to make sure I eat before I start out for a day, (away from the house), plan for an early lunch, (picnic style, brown bag etc.), take the nuts /dates with me, and make sure I have drinks to stay hydrated. You have to think ahead a bit more, but you soon get a routine worked out that suits your life and lifestyle.
Be well, live long and prosper!
Thanks for your replies and suggestions. Good stuff, I'll tweak things.

I've been a bit heavy on the seafood and olive oil.

Getting organized is the trick. When I'm prepared it's not too difficult.

Exercise is the other thing I need. I have to change my lifestyle some to make more time for self care.

Best, Smitty
What was your best diet to control blood sugar level? Was it OMS diet? Please share your experience.
My sister is on keto diet currently. She has diabetes type 2. She's also prescribed meds, she's got if someone needs. However, I'd like to find a way to avoid meds. OMS diet is a very healthy diet. It's mainly plant based diet with added sea food. So it might be a good option. Has anyone ever succeeded to reverse diabetes by following a diet? Which one?
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