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Avocado, olives, nuts and seeds and oily fish should be eaten in moderation according to table 4 on page 128 of Jelinek's book.

But I, and other Dutch PwMS quite often wonder how much 'in moderation' is? It can be interpreted very differently, since everyone has it's own definition of what moderately means.

Does it mean not every day, or a maximum amount in grams per day or..?
For example how much avocado per day could one eat, is dat half, less or...? Just once or twice a week or every day?
And how many grams of nuts and seeds per day, and can you eat them every single day? And how about fish?

Maybe it is jus George's way of saying you can't eat it as often as desired, but there is no exact amount one could eat? It is still not clear to me, not even after being on OMS for over 5 years.

Moderation for me means in what I eat.
I share one avocado twice a week
I have two or three olives chopped up in lunch most days
I have nuts most days about 1/4 cup of shelled nuts.
I have some seeds.
I'm not doing fish it didn't agree with my intensives but when I did it was twice a week oily fish.
That's just what I'm doing and my take on moderation. Though I don't do liberal oil EVOO (I'm cloosing to be only flaxoil) so I'm not bothered about eating nuts etc.
Hopefully others will reply so you get a variety of responses.

Like veg, I eat one avocado a week. I rarely eat whole nuts, but I regularly eat nut butter on toast (maybe five days a week). I eat fish/seafood most days, which is probably not classed as 'in moderation'. Like veg, I don't use olive oil in my food very often. I am making an effort to eat more plant-based meals.

I guess the thing to remember is that this is a low saturated fat diet, and avocados, nuts and fish are all relatively high in sat fat. For example, an avocado has around 2g of saturated fat. 75g of salmon has 2.3g of sat fat. We are trying to keep below 10g of sat fat per day, so we need to bear this in mind when choosing to eat 'good' fats.

Hope this helps!

Hi Dutch Girl,
I eat one or maybe two avocados a week. I will sometimes eat a whole one in a day, but then will be careful in other areas. I rarely eat oily fish as I'm mostly vegan and not a fish fan. I eat either a small cup of nuts or nut butter each day. I used to eat organic peanut butter but have swapped to almond butter because the sat fat is lower and omega 3 higher in almonds. I eat olives around twice a week - then I will have around eight or so. I don't use olive oil in cooking and it's flax oil only on food.
Best wishes,
Cinders xx

Hi all,

This is what Jelinek has let me know through email:

Don't try to interpret this too literally, as the science is not nearly as accurate about amounts as one might imagine. Personally I eat nuts every day and avocadoes most days, usually something up to 80g of nuts, preferably raw, and around half an avocado. I eat seafood around 3 times a week. But more than that is OK too.

Hope that helps

Be well


Is much more than I would thought to be in moderation!!!

Hi everyone

I'm new to OMS (and loving it!). I am a huge fan of nut butter and wanted to get people's view on this. Are we allowed it? Most are roasted at high temperatures, so I doubt it?!?! A raw one? If I were to make my own can I roast the nuts on a low heat? For how long? The same question for making almond cookies - OK to bake on a low heat?

What do you guys follow in terms of nut butters?

Yikes - so many questions, sorry!

Kind regards and keep well
Claire x

In the UK Raw Health do a very nice unroasted almond nut butter.
I think there is an almond biscuit recipe in the baking section which was shared by a member.

Thank you! You have been very helpful over the last few days! xxx

I make a fab oat bar using some nut butter, the recipe is on here if not you will find it on laughinglemon website, it is by Jacque who had done quite a few great recipes for here.
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