In my (to date pitiful) efforts to eat socially and also strictly conforming to George's guidelines, I stumble into the word "Vegan". It is all very well to say vegan plus seafood, but that often doesn't seem to work so well. At a recent party the kind hosts especially roasted potatoes in cooking oil for me - just what I don't need (I now regret feeling that I should eat them, if not the fat lake they came with, for fear of being rude - note to self: think of better avoidance tricks).

My point, the word Vegan seems inappropriate and can lead people in the wrong direction. Not to question the belief system of others, but as I understand it Veganism is about not consuming or using animal products, which is not me at all. Having been born, bred and worked on farms, animals and plants are all one big family to me, I love 'em all.

So labeling myself Vegan brings coconut (30% sat fat) but not honey. But in particular margarines, processed oils and fats, and no limit to the saturated fat.

Vegetarian dishes may contain dairy and eggs and exclude seafood, and again have no limits on sat fat or processed ingredients.

If 1 in 500 people in the UK and US are Vegan, that makes perhaps 3/4 million in the English speaking world, so several times as many as are diagnosed with MS. And there are some 15 million in the USA alone who claim to be vegetarians. And how many are following George/Swank ... wildest guess 1000 worldwide (anyone know, do we need a poll?). We're a microdot on the landscape, we've no presence in the language of food.

Don't we need a super simple and unambiguous way to say:
    absolute minimum saturated fat
    no dairy
    no meat
    no processed food (especially fats and oils)
    low temperature cooking or raw
    (hope I've got everything)
    oh yes, everything else!

Trying to keep it simple, "Lowest possible saturated fat" seems likely to be misinterpreted and anyway most don't realise how much sat fat is built into almost everything the supermarkets stock that isn't raw fruit and veg.

I, for one, need help with the language of food. It is not a favourite topic, and one I struggle with.

Time for tea, I mean diluted orange juice and some nuts ...