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Hi all, I got the cookbook when it came out, great book. I'm learning to cook really, but like another cookbook I'd been trying, the trouble I'm having is that the recipes are almost always for multiple people, whereas it's just for me. For instance, I've like to make the scrambled tofu recipe but it's for 4 people. I find i'm having to keep recalculating each recipe for 1 person. Which makes it a lot more complex. Also, I'd consider making a batch for 4 people, portioning and freezing it to use next time the recipe comes around. But for tofu for instance, it says on the package that you can't freeze it. Has anyone else come up against this issue? Any suggestions? Thanks kindly for any help.

When I deal with recipes like that, that don't freeze well, I jut halve the recipe and eat it for two days and refrigerate in between, often cooked things will do for dinner one day and lunch the next, or lunch one day and dinner the next, I'll even stretch it into a second day if can hold well in the fridge.

I don't mind doubling up on a meal every once in a while, but then I'm a fly by night cook at the best of times! :D
Be well, live long and prosper!

I am in the same situation as you, with only myself to cook for. I batch cook/freeze but also, as Farrier suggests, eat the same meal on two consecutive days. This needn't become boring; just change the meal slightly. For example, I cook a sweet potato dahl. I eat it with a piece of fish on the day I make it, and then take it to work and microwave it with some rice the following day. Or I make a prawn stir-fry to eat with rice, but keep back half of it to eat the next day with salad.

Thanks for the tips! I wouldn't mind eating the same thing for a few days with some variations. How do you go about reheating things from frozen if you don't mind me asking?
Depends on what it is and how it was cooked in the first place, either thawed and Microwaved or thawed and baked for the most part,
Be well, live long and prosper!
I thought it'd be along those lines thanks, I just need to get used to what works best for what and for how long through experimentation.
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