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Hello all.

Far from a friendly subject, but I have had a problem in recent times with flatulence.

I have been following OMS for some years now.

My problem seems related to soy yoghurt.

I buy Kingland Plain Soy Yoghurt or Greek Style Soy Yoghurt.

I used to make my own with Bonsoy and soy yoghurt culture.

Has any one had similar issues?

Do you have suggestions other than stopping soy yoghurt?

Michael D.
The other option is to get back to making your own.
I don't eat soya stuff so can't compare flatulence :-)
G'day Michael
About 5 years OMS and I have given up trying to avoid flatulence, and now buy "Shreddies" underwear - online, from England. They have charcoal panels and do a good job of absorbing flatulence. I thought they were expensive, but for me it has turned out to be worth the cost.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I'll check it out.
I have always had diabetes insipidus (that's insufficient antidiuretic hormone- nothing to do with insulin).
It has similar effects of constant thirst and frequent urination to sugar diabetes.
I have long adapted Cromwell, trust in yourself, and keep your trousers dry, so the addition of charcoal seems oddly apposite.... ;-)
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