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So, one of the staples of the OMS diet is avoiding processed food. In the sense of the OMS diet specifically, what does this mean?

I think obviously it means ready made meals, ready made batters, fast food, and anything heavily modified really. But realistically, almost anything besides raw fruit and vegetables can be considered as "processed". Things like bagged frozen veggies, plant-based milks, jarred tomato sauce, etc.

Are we talking here about all of the above or the obvious things such as those I mention above in the first sentence? I tend to use a fair amount of, e.g. plant-based creams (low fat ones), canned/frozen veggies, whole grain cereals (like buckwheat or basic muesli), vegan rice/veggie patties (low fat), etc. I am just wondering if these kinds of things should be marked off the list as well?
I don't think there's anything official on this, but it's almost impossible to avoid some processing unless you cook everything from raw ingredients.

I read a good book on general health that has a lot of overlap with OMS call Four Pillars Plan by Dr Rangan Chatterjee. He says to avoid anything with more than five ingredients. I don't follow this exactly, but when I check ingredients for all the things we can't have, I bear in mind how many ingredients it has. If it's a massive list, it's probably massively processed.
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Hello! Yes, this was also more or less my line of thinking. It is really the only "question" I had left about the diet, as such, so I was just wondering if there was some more "rigid" definition of it.
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