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So my lunch today of Cod and asparagus did not fill me up, and i am STARVING. I went to the store and bought a package of Quaker Crispy Mini's. These are rice chips and are quite delicious and a great snack. HOWEVER ..... they do contain sunflower oil int he ingredient list :( so I know this should be a hard no for me.

But my question is: the nutritional label shows 0.3g of Saturated fat per 20g of chips (12 chips). Is this then a hard no, if I only eat say 12-20 chips? I would end up around 0.3-0.5 g of Saturated Fat? If this is only an occasional snack (once a month or so) is this ok? Or should I avoid 100% of all sunflower/vegtable oils?


Hi, I don't know what flavour you picked up but they look to contain milk reading the website and are highly processed. Ideally it would be to not have chosen them but I can understand the need if hungry. I try to avoid being in that position by always having something on me but that is not realistic unless carrying something to hold it, so you needed something and that is what was there so it was likely the best of what was available but I would not look to make it habit but it is about making choices on what we individually feel comfortable with. OMS provides the tools around which we shape our choices and if in doubt can ask to see what others might say.
I've been stuck in an Airport and was delayed so had eaten what i had already on me and had to make the best choice of what was available, some oat snacks again with sunflower oil, I didn't beat myself up about it as it was the best choice of what was there. They were nice but being a commercial product probably geared to leave that 'want more' craving.

Thanks, thats what I was thinking. Shouldn't eat it, but not the end of the world to have in a bind.

Airport/travel eating is tough. The last few times I have been snacking on crackers and hummus purchased from a store in the airport. Not the best/not the worst.
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