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Hi DutchGirl,

Thanks for pointing that out. Some of the recipes on the website are old and are not 100% OMS compliant. This substitution could be used by someone who isn't on the program or is only consuming cake occasionally but we recognize that recipes like this are causing confusion. We are in the process of redoing all recipes on the site to make them completely OMS-friendly. I have updated this one now to remove the substitution.

Warm wishes,
Dear Laura,

I'm a bit troubled by your response regarding the recipes on the OMS website. Can you remove the ones that are not OMS-compliant...or at least identify them so current visitors are not confused. As a contributor to many of the past recipes, I would also like to know what is considered non-oms compliant with the recipes. and why.

Diagnosis: Jul 2009
OMS: Jan 2010
Thanks LauraN for updating the recipe!

What I still don't understand is that you say that sunflower substitution could be used by someone that is only consuming cake occasionally? I thought sunflower oil was a definite NO-GO since it is refined? And that only (a little) coldpressed sunflower oil is allowed?
[/quote] The oil quality you are using while cooking is matters more than the temperature you are cooking with. The unrefined oils have more fat in it, so when recipes include any amount of it better to use refined, in order to reduce the smell.[/quote]

Its not the smell thats the problem but as you say, the oil qualiy, unfortunatly refined oil is seen as poor quality on the OMS Diet. Even the best quality oil will break down and release harmful products if over heated.

Hope this helps

Is Baking with oil is healthy for us?
Thanks for the suggestion.. I am new here and excited to be the part of this community:)
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