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I have recently received my copy of the OMS cookbook and am thrilled to have such a valuable resource. This would have made such a difference to me when I started the OMS diet and I'm really pleased it's available for others as they start their journey.

Other than the exciting array of recipes the thing that struck me as I looked through the book was the number of recipes which involve cooking oil (EVOO) at high temperatures. I have followed the diet for seven years and always believed that we must avoid heating it above about 160 degrees, so I've adapted to cooking without it entirely (other than the occasional cake baked at a low temperature). Although I'm used to this now and know it won't have done any harm, it has been quite difficult at times and often cooked dishes separately for myself, ask friends/family to cook this way etc. I have read the reference to this issue in the book's introduction but am still somewhat baffled, after spending all this time avoiding cooking with oil altogether! :roll:

Had anyone else been under the same misunderstanding??

*Im only referring to oven cooking/baking being okay, and not frying*

Which page are you referring to? I always understood the 'baking' temperature to be no more that 180 degrees, rather than 160.

I can't remember the exact place I just thought it was as better to cook on as low heat as possible, but my point was that the cookbook suggests that there is no limit..
I've just found the bit you mean. Curious! I have always believed that cooking at too high a temperature causes he properties in the oil to break down, hence why we only use EVOO as it has a higher smoke point than other oils.

Some clarification would be good, wouldn't it?! I wonder if George is able to clarify this?
Oh sorry Rachel, I thought you meant which page of the OMS book... For anyone else, p. 24 of the cookbook, and throughout in the recipes which direct cooking up to 220 degrees.

Yes, some clarification would be helpful.
There is a recent post covering heating oven temperature and baking, I think it was answered by Jackman
Hi all

I have been wondering where people are getting these various upper-limit-of-baking figures from, like 160 or 180 degrees from, and now I know. It was me! Thanks Ingrid for pointing it out. If you look carefully though at p137 of my new book, you will notice that I say 'most baking of vegetables and seafood is around 180C, and at that temperature,... the oils will not be significantly denatured'. I don't say anything about higher temperatures at all. I only mentioned this figure because that is the common temperature that people bake at and was trying to reassure people that baking is not a problem, the real problem is frying. The explanation provided by Ingrid on p24 of her new cookbook (which is just released and heartily recommended!) is much more detailed and quite correct.

Hope that helps, and happy eating!

Be well

Thank you so much for clarifying, George!

Nice sharing!
What I don't understand is why in this cake recipe the EVOO can be substituted by sunflower oil? To my knowledge only moderate use of cold pressed sunflower can be used in cold dishes? I am confused..!

https://overcomingms.org/recovery-progr ... late-cake/
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