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For the last few years I have been making my own skin care products knowing about all the rubbish they put in commercial brands, now I realise maybe they're not so good after all! My skin cream I make with coconut oil and shea oil, I now know that coconut oil is out but what about shea butter on its own? Does anyone know? Also as an alternative what about jojoba oil, I looked it up on the internet and it seems that it's OK, I need something to use on my skin especially after swimming in a chlorinated pool, not all of us are lucky to be able to swim in the ocean, I love it but living in rural France not very practical!

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Just to be on the cautious side, I do not use any fat that is solid at room temperature topically, just​ as I wouldn't eat them. This includes coconut oil and cocoa and shea butters.

Wikipedia has an interesting article on absorption via skin: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absorption_(skin)

I use a moisturizer that has just argan and baobab oils in it. I have used jojoba before. It is great facial moisturizer. This is a really interesting, but somewhat TMI article about why jojoba is good. It is heavier than olive oil and this makes it more suitable to moisturize skin: https://realizebeauty.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/is-jojoba-oil-really-just-like-sebum/
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Thanks Astrid,

I shall look at the websites you suggested.
In the meantime I made some moisturiser using beeswax, found recipe on the interent but I feel as if I'm putting furniture polish on my face!!!

Just ask the skin expert and prefer their opinion about which oil you should use for skin care.
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