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Hi - as well as ms I have a type of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis. Because of the ankylosing I'm quite sensitive to carbs/ sugar. I'm finding it difficult to figure out a diet that will work for me, especially because I'm also cooking for my two kids as well. Once you, ve ruled out meat, dairy, eggs, pasta, rice etc you're not left with much. Any tips on books/ websites etc that might help?
Professor Jelinek is often asked whether the OMS approach is beneficial for other auto immune inflammatory diseases, of which Ankylosing Spondylitis is one. He has examined the literature on several other autoimmune diseases along the way, and has concluded the whole OMS plan applies (which the exception of Lupus where sun exposure is an issue for some Lupus sufferers), and should be just as effective.

The OMS plan is for whole grains, whole foods rather than processed and refined foods. You may find that brown rice, wholemeal pasta and flour, raw sugar or honey are better for you in many ways. Essential fatty acids (Omega 3) are very important for both MS and other auto immune inflammatory diseases. The OMS plan is not low fat (quite the opposite), just low saturated fat. This is an important distinction.
Migrating your children to eating the same way will also benefit them and potentially greatly reduce their chance of disease.
I don't tollerate refined sugar but honey and occasional unrefined sugar better.
I eat meals with quinoa as variety and you may get on with that.
This diet is overall antiinflamatory though individual foods each have either a negative or positive inflamation affect so may need to listen to your body and tweak out some foods, I can't tolerate fresh pineapple and pears for example
Thanks for the responses. I do some more investigating.
Anyone know how Vin got on? I also have AS as well as MS hence the interest.
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