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I'm increasingly confused on which oil is most suitable for high-heat cooking (roasting or frying fish and veggies etc). I've been using extra virgin olive oil (sometimes mixed with a bit of water to keep the temperature down), but now read the grapeseed oil is better as it has a higher percentage of PUFA (polyunsaturated fat) than olive oil, which is very good for us. I also read that avocado oil cold pressed extra virgin, is another good contender. I'm allergic to alcohol and don't like soy sauce, so can't use these for cooking. Different people have different points of view but I'm looking for a definitive and proven answer if such exists.
I read too that cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil is great but not for cooking, only to be taken daily or drizzled over food.
Thoughts please?
Thanks and good thoughts to all, d
Hi Dina

High heat cooking is NOT recommended on the OMS programme. Much better to bake or steam food, as high heats can alter the oils and make them toxic.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) can be used in cooking, but should not be heated above 180 *C (or you will kill all the beneficial properties)
Flaxseed oil can be drizzled cold over food once cooked (it should not be heated at all)
These are the only oils advocated by OMS. It is all to do with the 'smoke point' and not just about sat fat/Omega 3 etc.

The OMS diet is about more than just changing the foods you eat; it's about embracing a whole new way of cooking. For example, if I were to bake a piece of oily fish, I would wrap it in foil and bake at 180 *C. If I 'stir fry' veggies, I use water rather than oil. You will often find that oil in recipes is simply used as a way of stopping food sticking to the pan - and this can be achieved with water, rather than oil.

You will find new ways of cooking and eating and these will become the norm the longer you are following the programme,

Professor Jelinek's OMS book goes into oils/fats in ,much greater detail, but these are the basic rules.

Hope that helps
Rachel77 is spot on :)
I use avocado oil. EV cold pressed. It has a buttery flavour and similar profile to olive oil and a higher smoke point.

However the same rules apply as to using as little as possible and keeping the temp down.

I especially use it for baking and sometimes an avo/olive combo. It is very bright green so it does affect the colour of some things.
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Thanks so much Rachel for clarifying this oily business to this trying novice. It all makes good sense and will instruct the designated cook of this establishment (aka hubby) accordingly. Thank you too to Kashu for her recommendation. Don't like the idea of green oil so will be sticking to EVOO.
By the way, do you guys all take cold pressed organic flaxseed oil every day (tablespoon of the oil is recommended every day)? Not something I've done yet but will add item to the shopping list.
I've had no problems with the diet as such and totally understand why we're ditching certain foods and all makes very good sense. Hope you all have made the transition too without too much upheaval. I'm allergic to alcohol so no worries here, have got used to decaf coffee and tea, but only wish I could now ditch the terrible habit of the daily odd cigarette or three!
Thank you again, wishing you the best of things and greetings from a dreary London,
Hi Dina

Yes, I take 3 tablespoons (equivalent to 30mls) of flaxseed oil every morning. Between 20-40mls of oil is recommended. It is an important part of the programme as it helps to build up Omega 3 in your body. Some people love the taste; I hate it, so I put it into a glass of apple juice, which helps!

Please stop smoking! The rest of the programme will be pretty pointless if you are still smoking :( I've never smoked, but I appreciate kicking the habit can be hard.

Also, have you got on top of your Vit D level? This is crucial, as low levels can leave you at risk of relapse. I am also in dreary London, and I was woefully low - 23nmol/L. I am now at around 250nmol/L and haven't relapsed for almost 3 years.

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for all your good counsel - very kind. At the last count, my Vit D level was good. I'm taking 5,000iu VitD3 per day. Fantastic news that you haven't relapsed in so many years - thrilled for you.
My consultant knows about the few cigarettes I smoke a day and, although would prefer I didn't smoke of course (no brainer), said my smoking this relatively small quantity will not interfere with the OMS Diet. But, of course I'm trying to cut back.
I wish you the best of everything and continued good progress, d

As a former smoker, I know it is simple to convince your mind just a few here and there are fine... Not true!

I would highly suggest reading the research by HOLISM on cigarette smoking: http://overcomingms.org/news-research/r ... ul-excess/

Sorry for being strong on this matter, but I know it really does help your recovery if you're not smoking...

Good luck on the rest of the program...

All the best,
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Dear Jack,

Very sobering article indeed and thanks too for the comments. Of course, you're absolutely correct and I'm working hard on this bad habit. Seems to be the single area of the OMS Recovery Programme that I'm having a challenge with (understatement). I have cut down significantly but aim to quit totally in the coming months, all things being equal.

I wish you all good things and greetings from London, Dina
AkritiSharma, a lot of your advice goes against OMS research. cooking at high heat with oils is never recommended. Using oils other than extra virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil is not recommended.

There are exceptions such as hemp oil and rapeseed oil that have good properties, but no oil other than EVOO is tightly regulated and you are going on trust that no heat or chemical extraction is taking place.

Please stop encouraging cooking with oils and high saturated fat oils. It is very confusing for new members to the program.
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