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Hi guys just a quick question in saturated fat. Swanks study shows people consuming less than 16 grams of saturated fat daily are generally better off. Over the passed few days of beginning the diet ive found it quite astounding that im still up around 12g's or is that normal? (Using MyFitnessPal as a kj and nutrient tracker)

Most of it seems to be coming from nuts and the rolled oats in the morning. Im pretty desperate to not lose weight and end up super skinny as im already in the healthy weight range.

So my question is should i be eliminating saturated fat entirely or is anywhere between 0-16g still fine?
Hi Cezz93,

Yes, nuts do have some saturated fat but are you saying that your rolled oats have a high saturated fat content too? Mine contain 0.4g per 30g serve.

My oats have 1g of saturated fat to the 30 i believe so perhaps it is a little high. I might shop around and see what i can find.

As for Nuts i may have to cut them out of my diet as well.
Why not weigh one day how many nuts you eat to get an idea of whether it is the volume you are eating rather than go the other way and eat none.
If your oats are whole and not in a box of processed breakfast cereal I wouldn't sweat the small stuff.
I could probably get away with eating 15-30g of nuts a day, but even still my saturated fat seems to revolve around that 10-15g mark daily. I suppose a complimentary question would be is it better to be in the 10-15 range or even lower?

But you're probably right, I'm getting caught up in the intricacies :p
Look at which nuts, some nuts have much better fat profiles. Fresh walnuts are the best, highest omega 3 if you are going to eat nuts.
To add to Veg's post, if you can get hold of chestnuts, they are very low saturated fat compared to other nuts. There's a lot of good stuff in nuts and seeds, so I don't worry about having a few of various types (Walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, chestnuts) even though some are high saturated fat (I think pine nuts are pretty high, but a few sprinkled on a pizza is not going to add much sat fat}.
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I love pecans this time of year and use fresh ground almonds in baking. A few lightly toasted cashews on stirfrys (not fried) to follow on from above. I rarely eat peanuts way to high in saturated fat.
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