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Hi all,

I just have a shipment of flax-seed oil fresh from the farm. I was interested in trying some hemp oil too because I'd heard it was beneficial in reducing inflammation. But in reading the label I've noticed it's quite high in omega 6 compared to 3s. So that seems to contradict, is is still considered anti-inflammatory?

Is hemp oil OMS compliant then? I'm a bit confused. Don't want to waste my purchase!

Oh and it also says something about "In Australia, hemp oil and hemp products are not for human consumption". Is this just a legal thing?

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Hemp oil has an Omega 3:Omega 6 ratio of about 1:4. Flax seed oil has a ratio of 3.5:1

On this basis, it's not nearly as good, but olive oil has a ratio of 1:11, so it's better than olive oil.

So limit it, but it's by no means terrible. I actually asked Jack McNulty this very question at a conference and he said that hemp oil should be treated in the same way as olive oil.

I got the values from here, except hemp oil which I got from the back of a bottle.

The beginning of the article in the link has an interesting discussion about the ratios.
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