After trying every brand of "fresh" flax oil I could find in the U.S., I finally gave up on finding one that actually tastes fresh*. YUCK!!! ARE THEY NASTY! So I calculated the flax seed equivalent of 2 tbsp of oil (6 tbsp of seeds) and I grind 3 tablespoons of seeds fresh every morning and evening. I consume it mostly mixed with fruit juice but sometimes mix it with honey to spread on toast, or oatmeal, etc. FRESHLY GROUND FLAX SEED ACTUALLY TASTES THE WAY PROF. J. DESCRIBES FRESH FLAX OIL, MILD AND NUTTY.

I was already on a vegan diet for 13 years before my first MS attack (to which I attribute the delay in MS onset. I was 70 yrs old). So far, I have not had a relapse since. And, since adopting the OMS Recovery Program in April, 2015, I have had no new lesions showing in MRI and some of my symptoms have either improved or gone away. So, I'm very pleased with the flax meal. Tastes great and it's apparently working great.

My only dilemma is that I have no idea how to evaluate my latest Fatty Acid Profile. Dr Keryn advised me that I did not need to worry about it (and I don't doubt her) but I'm still curious. Does anyone have target blood level information?