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Out of all of the dairy free milks, I only like the taste of Oat milk. I'm from the UK and have been buying "Oatly Drink" from the supermarket. However, it has the added ingredient rapeseed oil and I am not sure if this is safe to drink as I've read it is an inflammatory. There is an organic version without this added, but it separates too easily in hot drinks and isn't as nice tasting.

Thanks for any advice.
I drink Oatly and "think" that it's OK.

According to this site, rapeseed oil is OK and there's 0.2g of sat fat per 100g, so there can't be much. Hard to say how processed it is, but I'm taking the risk because it's delicious in coffee.
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I am copying this from a post from the other day:

Dr. Jelinek says the following about canola/rapeseed oil in the new book:

"Fish oils are the omega-3 fatty acids most people know about. However, there are plant-based omega-3s as well. Alpha-linolenic acid is the plant form, and this is found in abundance in linseeds (otherwise known as flaxseed) and their oil extracts, but also in canola or rapeseed oil and some nuts, mainly walnuts and pecans and their extracted oils."

And also this:

"While canola oil is a refined oil and so has been altered, and is originally low erucic acid rapeseed oil (in fact, modified rapeseed oil) and so is not ideal, it is better for our health than palm oil. Italian ciabatta loaves use olive oil. The crux of the eating change is to cut out animal fat, dairy products and ‘hidden’ saturated fats in apparently vegetarian products like cakes, pastries and potato chips. This is where the bulk of the saturated fats in the Western diet now reside."

So while canola isn't green listed like olive oil, it isn't red lighted like palm or coconut oils or egg yolks or animal fat.

I wouldn't drink a ton of the oat drink, but a splash in your coffee or a 1/4 cup in a recipe is probably fine.
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Thank you both for your replies.

I drink about 100-150ml a day in tea and coffee so hopefully that's not overdoing it.
Just read the ingredients on my oat milk , it has sunflower oil in it . I take it in coffee 2/3 times a day. Is sunflower oil ok ?
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