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Hi all,

Still struggling to find fresh flax oil out in rural France.
I was searching on line and found a source of hemp oil.
It sounds good but are the ratios of omega 3 and 6 wrong?
For 100gms it's 18.7g omega 3 and 56.6g omega 6 whereas
flax has a lot more omega 3s at 53.3g.
Those look like the correct figures.

I take flax seed oil as "medicine" and use hemp oil as "food" as an alternative to extra virgin olive oil.

The omega 3's in hemp oil are nowhere near as good as flax seed oil, but you can't bake with flax seed oil. Just be careful with hemp oil suppliers - it's not regulated in the way that extra virgin oilive oil is.
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Hemp has multiple beneficial properties, just like calming and anti-inflammatory effects. Cannabis oil is able to treat post traumatic syndromes, stress, anxiety and insomnia. It also stimulates appetite, able to fight acne and eczema. More on cbd vs hemp oil
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