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Hi everyone!

I have a question as it is not very clear to me - I am still at the beginning with OMS lifestyle.

Aren't oils allowed in cooking at all ?
At the moment I am not using it at all.
I only take flax seed oil daily.
I don't think heated oils are allowed on the OMS plan. I am new to this as well. I am so careful regarding sat fats/dairy etc and have been so much better with relapses but this morning I have had some mild relapse symptoms. I then thought, I put EV olive oil on potatoes to cook them last night, I only ate a few but needless to say I will not be doing that again! :cry:
Hi both

The only oils that are advocated by OMS are extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil must NEVER be heated, but can be poured onto cooked food.

Cooking with EVOO is permissible but the temperature should be kept low.

When 'frying' food, it is best to do it in water, rather than oil. For example, if a recipe calls for onions to be softened in a pan with oil, just substitute the oil for water. All the oil is really doing in this situation is preventing the onions from sticking - something that can be achieved with water, although you may have to add water as you go along.

Certain oils can be high in saturated fat, and heating oils can drastically change their properties which is why they're not permitted. I hope this brief explanation helps. It is an area that many people find confusing at the beginning. As you continue with OMS, you may find that you can eliminate oil from your cooking methods. I only use EVOO when making white sauce, and occasionally in baking.


I assume you are not following the OMS programme? The use of oil in food - particularly heated - can have a very negative effect on the CNS systems of people living with multiple sclerosis, hence its avoidance on this programme is essential. EVOO and flaxseed oil being the exceptions.

You get vitamins and other nutrition from eating the whole foods, I quite like whole pitted olives in my lunch some days. Taste comes from what you eat whole food, when your palette becomes accustomed to not eating processed oily foods then all the taste is there again. Spices might be used to further enhance flavour. I don't find eating this way dull at all, it is just different when you first make changes. I have flax seed oil on my porridge and sometimes use EVOO in baking depending on what I am cooking. There are loads of recipes on this website.
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