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Hi everyone

I have been using Rude Health's almond milk, but it does contain a small amount of sunflower oil? I use it to make my GF porridge every morning. Is this OK, as the milk is get heated in a pan on the gas hob?

Many thanks
I heat my porridge every morning but I try not to boil it.
veg wrote: I heat my porridge every morning but I try not to boil it.

Thank you. Do you use the same milk?

Claire x
I'm not sure whether it matters but I use this Alpro almond milk which doesn't contain sunflower oil https://www.alpro.com/uk/products/drink ... nsweetened
Off on a slight tangent maybe...I use Oatly Organic in my porridge as it's just three ingredients...oats, water and salt....no oils. I see you're GF so I checked their website info@oatly.co.uk.....the gluten is classed as very low (100 ppm) as opposed to GF (20ppm). A slight bonus is in my local Tesco it's a good bit cheaper than Rude Health...

Plus it makes blumin' lovely porridge!

Hope this helps.....
Just adding another vote for Oatly Organic. What's weird is that it's the same price as the non-organic version which, apart from being non-organic, has rapeseed oil. So a better product at the same price!

Definitely my favourite milk-substitute for cereal, porridge or coffee. Also made a Thai curry the other night using oat milk plus coconut essence instead of coconut milk and it tasted just as good.
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Coconut essence, what a great idea!

I used to make my porridge with coconut milk (the drinking kind, not the cooking kind), I've since switched to almond.

Between the two I tried Rebel Kitchen Mylk which comes in full fat, semi skimmed or skimmed.

I'm trying to keep my calorie intake up, partly because I'm on Tec and need fat with each dose and also because I'm training for an ultra marathon and find keeping weight on very difficult due to my training load.

The full fat mylk has a mixture of ingredients, the main one is rice I think but there is some coconut milk. I checked the label and the sat fat is actually very low. Would this be ok? I really liked it so would like to start using it again.
Ok forget that, maybe the label I read was wrong. It actually has 4.1g of sat fat per 100g...
It is not clear to me: OMS allows vegan drinks with that small amount of some kind of oil in it?
Oils other than flax seed oil and extra virgin olive oil are best avoided because they are typically high in saturated fat and low in omega 3. Also, if you fry with oil, the heat changes the structure of the oil. The other risk is that high temperatures might be used in the extraction of the oil which again would change its structure.

Having said that, a tiny amount of sunflower oil will increase your sat fats for the day by a tiny amount and so, because you can't fry a non-dairy milk, I would be happy to use it as long as it's low saturated fat on the label although I do tend towards oat milk that contains no oil at all if I possibly can.
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