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Hi everyone,

I’m just beginning my journey on oms so completely new to this and I just purchased my first bottle of flaxseed oil. I was surprised that it cost me 17.99 as I wasn’t expecting it to be that expensive! Or is it just standard price I don’t know, where do people usually purchase theirs from?? My was Holland and Barrett (UK).

Online from flaxfarm who give oms discount I think.
Shop bought is often off rancid and tastes awfull. It's a short life product and shops might be putting on shelf in light.
Extra bought bottles are ok placed straight in freezer to store.
Thank you! I’ll have a look online after I’ve used this bottle, it certainly doesn’t taste great but I wasn’t sure how it was meant to taste having never tried it!
I’ll look online though thanks!!
Hi Victoria,
You have to be careful of some store bought Flaxseed oil as it has quite a short shelf life from the time of pressing and I believe most commercial brands don’t show this date, you will probably not be able to tell how long the oil has been on the shelf.

The oil you are looking for is Cold pressed Flaxseed oil and should be sold in a brown glass bottle, this is to protect it from light which will shorten its shelf life.

Fresh oil has a slightly nutty taste and when its rancid apparently it can be bitter.
It’s a bit like Marmite, you either like it or hate it, I’m happy to glug it down by the spoonful. :)

Most people in the UK get theirs from here;

If you use this code at the checkout, you will get a small discount; OMS2FO2016

I get the Organic High Lignan bottles, lignans are meant to be protective against cancer, I buy four bottles at a time and store three in the Freezer, which extends their shelf life, and the one I’m using in the fridge. All the bottles have the date when it was pressed on the cap. :)

Hope this helps

Hi Brian,

Thank you so much! The flaxseed oil I purchased definitely doesn’t seem to be the best quality - it tastes horrible! All a learning curve I guess though :lol: But I’ll purchase a new one with the discount code, cheers!

If you just want to purchase one bottle I think the code is OMS1FO2016, but if in doubt, ring them up, they're very helpful.
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I am new to OMS and I looking to purchase Flaxseed oil. I am in the USA and wanted to see if anyone can recommend a brand and where to find it? (in store/online?)

Thanks so much in advance!
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