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Ok I confess, it always makes me have a broad grin and chuckle lol
Thanks for the long response Rebecca. The thing is that I find it so hard to attribute the things that are going on in my body to the foods that eat. I started a thread in Miscellaneous called "Listening to Your Body" but nobody seems to have anything to add to the discussion. I thought of maybe starting (yet another) food diary; it's just so much hard work.

Found some further insights on the subject in this article http://www.allaboutms.com/multiple-scle ... rosis.html
I'm having a particular problem with evil sulphur-smelling gas. I'm suspecting the greens, which I love.

Is gas a problem other than the smell? Does it indicate food intolerance which may cause other issues?

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I use to suffer from quite severe constipation which my GP said was due to my MS, she suggested taking Psyllium Hulls - very high in soluble fibre. I took 2 teaspoons every day in water and it really helped. Then I started the OMS diet, but carried on taking the Psyllium. Well all that extra fibre certainly made a big difference, and hello flatulence! I've now stopped taking the psyllium and my system has really settled down so everything seems normal and regular. No constipation or excessive flatulence.

So I think that our bodies take time to adjust to a healthy diet, and that we sometimes forget what is normal. So a little bit of flatulence is normal, but everybody is different. We have 2 dogs that both eat the same food - the little one has a flatulence problem - thank goodness it's not the big one!! I


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Yes! I was on Morphine and other pain meds for a year because of pain issues which thankfully are no longer an issue.

The problem with these meds (and others) is the constipation AND the laxatives to try and help this side effect.
I was on 3 types of laxatives + fibre and still it was an issue along with hidieous gas, even I couldn't live with myself!

In the end I stopped them all and replaced them with Magnesium Citrate 400mg at night. Gone is the constipation and gone is the gas!!

Often Magnesium is sold in other forms or mixes and it is quite hard to get just the Citrate but I get it from Iherbs and I use the Solgar brand.
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If you are having problems with sulfur smelling gas I suggest you try: 1) avoiding all eggs even egg whites because they contain too much sulfur, 2) avoiding all foods containing sulfites -- they can have many different names but you can google to locate some of these, and 3) avoiding water with high levels of sulfur.

Too much fiber, especially from ground flaxseeds can also cause flatulence. When fiber is causing the problem there is usually not a strong sulfur smell.

I have problems with sulfur myself and so I do all of the above. You would not believe what dried apricots (sulfites are used to keep the bright color in theses) or eggs will do to me. Whew!!!


P.S. I am just eating my evening meal and I'm thinking -- Geez, I wish I wasn't thinking about this right now. LOL
Hi there,
Some people have problems in absorption and this leads to gas because food retains inside the intestine unabsorbed.
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