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Hi Janice,

I got it from the http://www.ms-uk.org website. They seem to have updated their website in the last couple of weeks but a lot are listed here http://www.ms-uk.org/index.cfm/dietandnutrition

There's also some info in this newsletter http://www.ms-uk.org/files/npwm_2002_0012.pdf
Hi Sasha,
Great to read about you doing so well. It's so empowering to know that you CAN do something to deal with MS isn't it?

But, we must admit, we were thinking along the same lines as Janice when we saw the list of supplements you were taking. Is this the Best Bet diet that you're following?

I know that after my husband's diagnosis we checked out a number of things. Our first line of attack was the advice in Judy Graham's book so initially we planned a regime based primarily on Swank principles, backed up with a LOT of supplements.

After about a month two things alarmed us about this -

1. We realised, very early on, that Evening Primrose was absolutely NOT right for us and that led into further investigation about supplementation with Omega 6. AND if we were taking so many supplements were there others that were wrong, and possibly detrimental?

2. We were generally unconvinced about the whole supplement thing (and the potential lifelong cost) How would we know what 'pills' were working and which were a waste of money. Which ones could you potentially remove?

That's why we're now more into the OMS regime. To us the diet (and healing via basic foods) makes a lot of sense, as does the Vitamin D supplementation as there's more than enough evidence to back this up. Still learning about relaxation and not there yet with the amount of additional fish oil - but getting there.

Touch wood things are going well - two steps forward, one back perhaps - but still going forward.

Hope you don't mind the comments - again, so glad you're doing well.

Best of health.

I haven't heard of the best bet diet. I started taking the supplement straight away and within a day or two felt lots better and tons more energy. At the moment me and hubby are reading through the Swank & OMS diets and that is what we intend to do. We haven't finished reading either yet so in the meantime have cut out all the crap and are eating healthy, not following any set diet as such.

My body needed a boost and the supplements have definitely helped that. The more we look into the OMS and Swank diets and get on track with them the supplements will be reduced and mostly stopped apart from the Vit D, omegas etc.

The evening primrose has definitely helped my monthly cycle, no pain or mood swings at all and I'm really pleased with it, although I know it doesn't work for some people.
We weren't all made the same.

Additional supplements may be helpful for some. And I think it's helpful to have the guidance of an integrative GP in this respect, 'cos we don't all need the SAME supplements.

On a personal level, I have recently been diagnosed with a genetic condition called "Pyroluria". What????? Yes, that's what I thought (I'm a nurse, never heard of such crap). The treatment for this is Vitamin B6 and Zinc, and my experience of this simple supplementation is that it's better than an SSRI (a type of antidepressant).

Whilst at the OMS retreat at the Gawler Foundation, Victoria, Australia, we were given frequent 'juice breaks', where we had a small cup of fresh vegetable juices of varied and mixed types, this occurring multiple times every day. I came away from that retreat feeling sensational. Not just because of the spiritual and emotional nurturing, but also because of the nutritional nurture.

OMS (and my revered and very much loved guru, Prof Jelinek) are the foundation of my recovery, and I am absolutely religious about following the OMS program.

I also take on board the wisdom of Dr Terry Wahls, and her "Mind Your Mitochondria" approach. She has a blog on this site.

The part that I respect the most is the need to EAT NINE CUPS OF VEGETABLES DAILY. Yes, I know it's a tall order. But it's do-able. With time and practice. And when I do it, I feel better. I might even lash out and buy a juicer. Maybe not a very expensive one, but a juicer nonetheless. Perhaps I could improve the health of my 20-year old son, who lives on soft drink, computer games, take-aways and other crap. I weekly bully him into Vitamin D dosing. Interestingly, he doesn't give me too much flak about that, 'cos he's experienced the increase in wellbeing when going from VERY low vitamin D serum levels to now being above 200.

I think MSers need very high levels of nutrients. We're nutrient addicts, so to speak, and without our high doses, we become ill.

Well, that was a long ramble!


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Hi Susan,

Susan Doumbos wrote: We weren't all made the same.

Additional supplements may be helpful for some. And I think it's helpful to have the guidance of an integrative GP in this respect, 'cos we don't all need the SAME supplements.

I totally agree with this, and for me right now the supplements are helping me feel better. My GP knows what I am taking and is happy with it and so am I. I've always had low iron and no matter how many greens I have my levels are always low unless I supplement, it's just the way my body works.

I also like the Wahls 9 cups of of vegetables a day and I'm easily doing that, probably more actually because I make 2 green leafy juices a day.

At the moment I am following the 'Make Sasha Feel Better Diet' and it's working for me. There will be a lot of tweaks along the way but I'm still learning, it's such early days. I don't eat any soy or legumes because they make me feel bad, it doesn't matter to me if they are on the diet, I'm not going to eat them because they aren't good for me personally. I'm happy with fish and veggies, I find this quite easy, tasty, manageable and fits in well with my day although I realise for some it can be a chore.

For me I think it's not a 'one size fits all' and every person is unique and will do what works for them.
Good for you Sasha.

My integrative GP has just sent me off for some tests to exclude coeliac disease and suggested I start avoiding just gluten for a few months to see if this helps. She's pro Paleo diet, but I am pro Jelinek 'cos it's evidence based; I'm keeping an open mind. I really hope I don't have a gluten allergy. But, WHATEVER IT TAKES, I will do it. And bloody well enjoy it. There's always something to enjoy.

I really don't fancy eating meat again. Never had a problem with this until now, though, more than 12 months into OMS. Interesting, eh? I could be a huntress, shoot and kill a bird, roast it and eat it with joy, but only if there were no vegies available.

Definitely wouldn't consider dairy products EVER again. I've become so much more aware of what a cruel and totally unustainable industry that is - apart from all the negative health influences for which dairy products are responsible.


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Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
It's funny isn't it, you get used to eating a certain way and then the old stuff doesn't taste so good. I did the Endo diet a few years ago and cured myself of it, I no longer have any signs of endo, no new scar tissue and according to my gyne my insides have never looked so good. That's why I believe diet is the answer, or can at least helpa huge amount. After 2 years on the endo diet we moved and slowly got back into bad eating habits but I remember while I was on it junk/proccessed food tasted awful the few times we had it at family events.

I hope your tests come back clear.
We're also following the Wahls 9 cups of fruit and veg a day advice - with the help of a juicer. it's amazing how well all of this makes you feel AND this winter we've had NO colds, coughs etc.

We're also going to an MS retreat this summer and very much looking forward to the food, as well as everything else. Great to hear about the regular juice breaks Susan.

Horror stories in the UK news over the past few months about horse meat (and goodness knows what other stuff) being found in reputable food brands make us more than happy never to touch meat again :)

Some good points have been made; everyone is different and some need supplements for specific needs.

I also go to an integrated GP. I have had to reign her in tho. Who can afford ALL the supplements! I agree that you shouldnt need heaps if you have a great diet. You also need to have on your MS filter. I have had to reject some due to dairy content and the effects on immune system.

I think the vege drinks that Terry suggests sounds great the best way to get a vitamin kick. I wish i had a decent blender.
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Hi Kashu :)

I'm not sure what an integrated GP is, mine is just a regular doctor. Really good point about reading what may be in supplements like diary, I just looked and mine are all ok.

To make the juices you would probably be better off with a juicer rather than a blender. I asked a friend that has led a raw lifestyle for a few years and she told me that centrifuge type juicers are not as good and a single gear type one is better. We got ours from livingpure.co.uk and it was definitely worth the investment as we've used it so much. Theres some info here about the different types http://www.livingpure.co.uk/choosing-a- ... ms-40.html and this site is great for recipes and information about each vegetable http://www.juicingbook.com
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