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So today I attended the MS walk in Sacramento California. I was very hesitant to even go.. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to see others in different stages of this disease.. But I gathered the courage and went. I knew in my heart it would be the perfect place to tell other about OMS and try to help people.. Ever since I started OMS, helping other has become a passion.. Just with me eating better and with juicing, everyone gravitates to me, wants advice and guidance with healthy living. I love it! I now know this is what I need to do! Most of my fam and friends still aren’t aware of my condition, they just know I’m a health freak! Lol . But once I’m totally comfortable and “come out the closet” with it I know I will be a MS activist. So today I did the first step at the MS walk.. I made slips of paper with OMS info.. I handed them out at the walk and made Tshirts as well.. A lot of people were very interested and a few brushed it off like yeaaa whatever.. I just hope it reaches at least one person. There’s another walk next weekend a few miles out from where it was today.. So I got the coordinators info and I’m going to call her tomorrow morning and see if I’m able to speak about OMS while everyone is gathered before we start walking. I think they would be more open to it once they hear me speak about it, then I’ll hand the papers out.. yea, I think that would work a lot better. So hopefully she’s open to that.. I was sooooo bothered by the horrible food they were serving. I went up to the servers, handed them a paper and I told them why they shouldn’t serve cakes and candy and that fruits a veggies need to be here next year.. Luckily I was able to find a few oranges in the mist of the bad stuff lol But helping others with MS is something I most definitely want and need to do.. A few months ago my pastor said something that has stuck with me. He said “Pain-Passion-Purpose. To find your purpose in life you must channel into your pain, your pain will then become your passion and your passion will be your purpose” This condition is definitely my pain and from that I’ve become soooo passionate about health and trying to help other be as healthy as possible and make better choices.. .. so I guess I’m working to fulfill my purpose.

So hopefully there will be some traffice from California this week :)

Here’s pics from the walk  password: overcome

http://s1333.photobucket.com/user/MsAma ... alk%202013

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Amarie, you look so well! What a wonderful effort, if only one person takes notice you will have made a big difference.

We are all ripples in a pond, but are starting to make a big splash!

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012
Hi Amarie,

I loved seeing your pictures!
I'm a Californian myself but live in England now, so it was very nostalgic
to see you all hugging in the sun.
I felt so happy that you're carrying the OMS banner over there.
How did you find OMS?

Keep spreading the word! Perhaps one day I can join you on a walk...
Way to go kiddo! Absolutely inspirational & thank you so much for sharing your most ovation with us!
What a great idea to hand out OMS flyers! I think I should copy you and attend a local MS meeting and do the same
Amarie what a babe!!! I'm sure you have the boys chasing you!!
The sparkle in your eyes shows that you have so much passion / purpose....you are a shining star :D
Love and light
Hi AMarie

I just love your passion. It is so wonderful that you have embraced the OMS program. Your eyes sparkle and you look the picture of health and may you stay that way!

Take care
Amarie, that was such a great idea. You look so healthy and happy.
Thank you so much for sharing with us and the other people on this walk..
God bless
How about us having a T-shirt we can wear when waving the flag.
Are we large enough to have a cracking good designer amongst us to volunteer a fetching design.
One to stand the test of time and varied circumstances.
I might wear it to bed when I find myself in a deep funk.
As well as when out and about, and feeling frisky.

! There is one already. Sorry, I missed that. Must hunt it out.
Or is that your custom made one Amarie?
Hi Amarie,

I just read your story and I think it's great that you are trying to spread the word. Here, in Scotland, I have tried to tell sufferers and doctors about the benefits of healthy eating. Some listen. Most, however, reject my advice almost instantly. I saw that you mentioned juicing, can I ask I would go about this and what kind of foods would I juice? Thank you very much.

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