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Thank you all so much for the sweet words and compliments :) I can't stop blushing!! Lol but one thing is for sure, since living this lifestyle my skin is glowing!! I've always had acne and have had to use severe acne treatment since 4th grade. But since OMS I haven't had to use any acne wash at all. Just normal everyday soap now!! Sooooo amazing!!! And yes I think we should all make flyers and shirts to spread the word as much as possible to help our MS family

Sarah D - we'll definitely have to connect when you come back to Cali! I would LOVE to actually meet a fellow OMS'er :) .. How I found OMS.. When I was diagnosed in August, I was in a deep depression for about 3 days then I snapped out if it realizing I need to be proactive about the situation so I started doing research on Montel Williams (talk show host in the states who has MS) and I seen he manages his with a healthy lifestyle so I did more research on that and came across swank then luckily OMS =]

Mess Positive - yes it's custom.. My sister works for a screen printing company so I just told her the words and gave her a her a general idea of what I wanted for my shirt. And found the other shirt ideas online.. But she customized it and made them all :) it would be great if we all came up with other wonderful designs so we can have merchandise that we can wear as something like a badge of honor.. Since we are by far receiving thee best treatment!

Lain - that was something I realized and had to remind myself, everyone isn't going to be as open to this.. It takes a lot of will power and determination to live an ultra healthy life. So some people are content with just listening to the dr and depending solely on meds.. So I had check myself and tried not to take it personal and get mad when I seen my flyer crumbled up on the ground.. For some reason I thought EVERYONE would've been enthused as i was to learn that diet can be used to stabilize and improve MS.. But unfortunately they're not =\ I think I'll do better with the "rejection" or whatever next go around .. Juicing =) all you have to do it buy a juicer and some fresh fruits and veggies and juice away.. A great way to get tons of nutrition in your body and it taste delicious!!! I've been juicing since November.. I started off by just having a juice every morning for breakfast.. I attempted a 30 day fast in march but only made it to day 15.. I felt amazing though!! Look up the movie "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" it's free on Hulu . Documentary on 2 over weight men with autoimmune diseases, they went on a 60 day juice fast, lost tons of weight, weened off of their meds! It's beyond amazing! Great great watch! My fav recipe which i have most days is kale, carrot,celery,apple.. soo soooo yummy.. my whole fam and most of my friends are now juicing.. Here's the website as well. Lots of great info =] http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/

You are so beautiful ... inside and out.

You inspire people on the MS Walk in California, and you inspire us all here on the OMS forum.

There is an MS Walk/Run here in Melbourne, Australia on 2nd June 2013. I wonder if there are any takers to join in and do an "Amarie" and spread the OMS word there ...... I will if I have company/collaborators!



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Amarie wrote: [...] I had check myself and tried not to take it personal and get mad when I seen my flyer crumbled up on the ground.. For some reason I thought EVERYONE would've been enthused as i was to learn that diet can be used to stabilize and improve MS.. But unfortunately they're not =\ I think I'll do better with the "rejection" or whatever next go around .. [...]

Huge empathy to you Amarie, I suspect that there are many of us who've had a similar experience. So disappointing. I feel like pleading "But I'm not selling anything, only trying to help", and thinking that innocent people have been mesmerized by something horrible. But then I am trying to sell something - the understanding that there is something good available that can really help. And at nil cost other than the effort needed just to look.
But then every crank and con-artists would say that. And maybe we come over as weird ... healthy skin, probably normal BMI, optimistic, not eating socially (at least not the usual junk), not up to our ears in drugs, and perhaps most bizarre - taking responsibility for our own health and future.

Easy to brush things off with glib thoughts of thirsty horses lead to water but not drinking. And maybe only certain types of people could ever find an OMS style approach appealing. I don't like the thought that OMS only works for intelligent people, as that seems arrogant. OMS is the opposite of a clique or exclusive.

I suppose it boils down to fundamental assumptions. For those that feel that they know that help only comes in the form of an institutional "expert" in a white coat who will take responsibility and prescribe the patient's future using drugs, the nature of OMS could seem like heresy.

So we plough on, share experiences (win or lose), don't expect much, and expect the tide to change very slowly.
And perhaps most winning of all, set a great example ... like yours Ameria.
What a great post Amarie. I love the photos and will now try to scratch my creative brain to design some tee-shirts for our little MS regional Victoria walk around a pond on June 2 to raise money and awareness of MS.

It may be a little cheeky of me to hand out tee-shirts to all participants considering that I am the only one following the OMS but when I see the sparkle in your eye Amarie I am inspired.

Thank you and the very best of luck on your journey.

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Susan and Tingle, Thank you soo very much! It means a lot!!

I wish there was a way I could see if at least 1 person has come to the site.. But i'm hopeful that some have :)

Mess Positive, exactly!! Especially the young girls that looked my age. I wanted to shake and tell her that she can stay as she is, if not better as I have gotten, by follwing this program! I decided not to shake her though lol.. I didnt want people thinking I'm a crazy lady shaking people :lol: hmmmmm but I am crazy about this lifestyle so hey :shock: ;)
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