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I love the analogy Mars. And yes so true Rachel

Mars, please pray for me as well!

I figure...I ate my way into this situation, I can eat my way out!
It is my pleasure to do so, Sedona.
Well done with your improvements!
rose x
Rachel, your commitment is admirable and it just shows how important it is to keep your eye on the bigger picture when OMSing!,
Well done!
Well loved reading your posts Rachel77, it sure gives me HOPE that improvements will eventually surface, and get back to the top of my physical health. I have been following OMS since October 2013, my walking has declined over the last 18 months or so, and only last August have stopped work, even though thinking back I should of stopped sooner, as I had been pushing myself to keep working a year before that!!!!!

I started using a walking crutch since end of August last year, but with great apprehension, just to give me support, as I have drop foot also. But I so walk around the house with no stick. My fatigue is so exhausting this summer (Gold Coast, Australia) not complaining, as I keep myself cool indoors. But this has sort of stopped me doing my physio at home, so just do Physio with my MS physio group once a week until I find the strength to get back into my physio.

My husband who is so supportive, wants to bring me down to the beach, and get me to cool down in the sea, even just to put my feet/legs in, but I refuse as he would have to carry me down, and I know I still need to get over people watching me, as they do with the way that I walk.

I used to be so active, physically fit, and yes I really want to get back to that point, even just to walk properly again would be good, as I would do so much walking to keep me fit.

I am on Copaxone, 3 x a week, last MRI Dec 2015, no new lesions, which I thought I might have, due to my walking, so I know the OMS is slowly working for me. I suppose, I just need to do more exercising and a little more meditating. Oh and having more patience.

So sorry for going on, I have seemed to have gone off track (excuse the pun), but thank you to everyone that reads this and for any feedback, would be greatly appreciated, and well received. Take care ALL and thank you again!
Let your husband take you to the beach, take a big hat with you, feel the sand in your fingers and have a good cry under your hat let the emotions out then look up and enjoy the beauty of the sea, the sounds the smells and the cool breeze. Other people have their own personal stories don't worry about what they may or may not think of yours.
One step at a time look forwards.

When it comes to MS, attitude is everything. Rather than focusing on the negatives about going to the beach (ie: people staring) think about the positives! Fresh air, connection to nature, time with your husband... I am pretty bolshy about my MS. If anyone asks what's wrong with me, I tell 'em! It puts you in a position of control, rather than the position of 'victim'.

I wish that I lived near the beach, and had a husband to take me there - you are very lucky, so make the most of it!

Oh god yes, I agree with the others. Go to the beach, enjoy the pure pleasure of being there. Let all your worries drift away with the breeze.
Let people stare if they must, give them something else to stare at by giving your husband a big kiss en route.
Give him a big kiss anyway for being ace and enjoy your time together.
Good luck, hope you get out there, I know it can feel like a mountain to climb but you can do it. L x
Hi all

Well, another year, another improvement!

I have been following OMS for just over four years, after a severe relapse affected my mobility. Although my progress has been slow - and has had its ups and downs - I continue to experience improvements.

Last week, I visited a physiotherapist. She asked how I'd been, and I mentioned that I'd been experiencing stiffness in my knees. She then asked if I reacted to the hot weather. It was only when she mentioned the heat that I realised how hot it has been in London over the last few weeks! Well - yes, in the past I have been barely able to function in hot weather, but this year it has just been my knees that have stiffened up.

To be fair, I have been inside for the most part. But, whereas in the past I would have managed to drag myself out of bed and then spent the day on the sofa, moving only as far as the kitchen or bathroom when absolutely necessary, this year, in 32 degree heat (hot for us Londoners!) I have managed to function pretty much normally.

For me, this is yet another sign that OMS is helping me to improve my situation. I hope others are also seeing the improvements that OMS can bring, however slow they may be!

That's very good to read, well done for the effort to gain the stride.
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