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The short answer is yes.

And flaxseed promotes estrogen production in a major way.
Sources please!
Have you had blood test to check levels especially zinc.
Btw avocado is ok just watch how much you use. ( I use it like I use to use butter. )
Thanks for all of the replies. In looking at the discussion thread that Jette pointed out, I discovered that flax seed oil lowers testosterone. This is important, since testosterone is neuroprotective and absolutely essential for good health if you're male. I stopped taking flax seed oil, and I'm currently looking for a substitute. Perhaps I'll go back to fish oil or chia seed oil. Based on Astrid's advice, I've started taking Holy Basil supplements. Lastly, I'm planing to start weight training. Hopefully, I can get my testosterone levels back up.
Is chia seed oil any better?
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Oh, you guys! I discovered that you can supplement with algae oil and that it is more bioavailable than flax oil because your body doesn't have to do the same conversion process as it does with flax. It raises serum Omega levels to a level equal with consuming salmon.



And here is a video from good ol' Dr. Greger:

If flax lowers testosterone levels, maybe this is an alternative to Omega 3 supplementation with flax.
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@astrid Awesome suggestion. I'm definitely going to check out algae oil. Thank you.
Message from one of our doctors:

I have reviewed the medical literature and could find no evidence for Flaxseed oil causing inappropriately low testosterone levels in males.
In my literature search I found 1 small pilot study that showed flaxseed supplementation reduced free testosterone in men with prostate cancer ( a pathological state - Prostate cancer is a testosterone dependent cancer).

Of note in this trial the testosterone was lowered (as was the free androgen index(FAI) - a measure of the available testosterone) but remained well within normal reference range (as did the FAI)
congruent to this:
Flaxseed supplementation has been shown to be protective for prostate cancer - interesting RCT here:

(Flaxseed supplementation (not dietary fat restriction) reduces prostate cancer proliferation rates in men presurgery.)

(Prostate Cancer , diet and hormones is covered very well in Prof Colin Campbell's "TheChina Study" - do read this).

In fact the 1 study in men without prostate cancer found the opposite. Men following a Vegan diet and supplementing with Flaxseed oil increased their Testosterone:
"There was a pre-post intervention increase in testosterone for men (111.0 ± 121.13 ng/dL, P < .05)."
More here:

Of reassurance is this study ( ) which found, "
In summary, we found that omega-3 fatty acids may be positively associated with testicular function as indicated by testicular volume whereas intake of omega-6 fatty acids and trans fatty acids appear to be negatively related to it. Some of these findings, most notably those for omega-3 and trans fats, are in agreement with animal experimental data as well as preclinical and clinical data
The authors of this paper noted:
"there is little consistency in the relation between omega-3 PUFA intake and reproductive hormones among men,27,28,29,30"
but that
"experimental models also showed a positive effect of omega-3 PUFAs on male reproductive health.55,56"

There is a case report showing that it reduces testosterone in women with PCOS (who again have inappropriately high testosterone levels).

Interestingly a diet rich in flaxseed oil had no effect on testosterone levels in postmenopausal women :

Serum concentrations of androstenedione, estrone, sex hormone-binding globulin, progesterone, testosterone, free testosterone, "dehydroepiandrosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate were not altered with flaxseed feeding."

found here:

In summary I could find no detrimental effects on supplementing with Flaxseed oil and no risk of it causing an abnormally low Testosterone levels. Indeed there is good evidence that following a vegan diet and supplementing with flaxseed oil results in increased Testosterone levels. It will also be protective against Cancers, including Prostate Cancer (and Cardiovascular disease).
Good stuff Astrid will look into it.
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