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Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed with Remitting-Relapsing MS about 18 years ago and had only had a few relapses in that time (had steroid treatment a couple of times for visual and leg problems). Always kept myself fit with running, martial arts, swimming over the years. a couple of years ago started noticing
a bit of a change with my legs and was re-diagnosed with secondary progressive. The past six months it has progressed to the point that I struggle to walk around the shops.
Anyway, my Aunty informed me about the oms diet. I have been on it a couple of months now and I am still finding it a bit confusing, think I am doing most things right but would like some thoughts.
things i eat regularly
dry roasted peanuts in their shells (assuming no oils are used in the processing)
salsa and pita bread dried in the oven
just had a tin of baked beans on crumpets today for lunch
i have tin tuna in springwater for lunch
are there vegetables or fruits to avoid apart from coconuts?
HI Gerald nice to see you on the forum.I'm sorry to hear that things have got worse for you especially after doing well for so long.Please be reassured that you are definitely doing the right thing by following OMS! Your diet sounds fine as long as you watch the ingredients in bought things like pittas and crumpets such as the sat fat and the processed oils used, also don't overdo the nuts it's so easy to do that and the same with avocado.Although healthy they also contain saturated fats.Tuna is fine but whereas fresh tuna is classed as an oily fish,tinned tuna isn't as the oil is extracted for the fish oil industry so although fine to enjoy,sardines are better.I think of OMS as a continuinous work in progress,fine tuning what we eat.I've been doing this for a year and I'm no expert but it's an enjoyable journey :)
All the best,
Peanuts are not nuts they are a legume and are high in saturated fat. I'd watch how many eaten. I really like fresh cracked walnuts when available.
Agree with the suggestion to read labels, crumpets also often include dairy as well as un named oils. Vegetable oil is often really palm oil which is to be avoided.
Hi Gerard,

You sound very much like me regarding your start with MS. I also had ON and a relatively benign course for 17 years until mobility difficulties and other issues saw me dx with SPMS in 2005.

I still have some problems with walking and for long distances, I now use a scooter which I transport in my car. However, I am still able to manage shopping locally and attend gym twice weekly. My condition has stabilised which I believe is mainly due to Georges OMS program.

The diet gets easier as you go on and after a while you will know which foods are legal and which one's aren't. By constantly checking labels for content, you will soon become an expert.

Welcome again, you will find lots of good advice on this site from friendly, knowledgeable people.


Thanks for your comments, think i will lay off the nuts altogether,(read the labels of how much fat are in them. the crumpets seem fine with less than a gram of fat and no oils or dairy in them. So am I safe to assume that (using processed products) if its extremely low in fat (or no fat), no oils or dairy or land based animal products it should be ok, or is that still being a bit to simplistic?
Can you eat passionfruit? X
Passionfruit are yummy, eat away.
Hi Gerard, out of the foods you listed i'd react to peanuts, salsa (depending on what was in it), mild reaction to baked beans, vegies that bother me are nightshades bar tomatoes and capsicums but if have too much of them i'm also in trouble. High sugar fruits can bother me if my ms is active, blueberries if i have too many at one time.
How to they decide if you have secondary MS?
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