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Hello everyone,

2 months back I lost my vision in left eyes and doctor diagnosed it to be optic neuritis. He suggested MRI for brain and orbits which confirmed that I had MS. Currently I have started taking Copaxone as suggested by Neurologist and 3 weeks back I have switched to the OMS diet. I am trying to follow the diet strictly. What concerns me the most is that there has been no improvement in my vision even after switching to the OMS diet. I am scheduled for a detailed eye exam next week lasting for about 4 hrs since the ophthalmologist was really concerned with the recovery of my left eye. I was referred to seek opinion of neuro ophthalmologist so that he can assess what is going on? I wanted to know has anyone had issue with vision that has persisted for so long after following the OMS diet and also taking the medication for MS?
My first symptom was ON in my left eye. Fogged my upper central vision and then fogged my lower left quadrant. Peripheral vision remained clear. I started Copaxone 2.5 months after Dx and OMS 3.5 months after Dx. I can't quite remember and I asked my husband how long it took my vision to start to recover. He thought at least 6 months. My vision improved slowly. After 3.5 years, I would say it is 98% except when in bright light. Then I lose a little clarity. I don't even think about it any more. I do remember being envious of those people whose vision recovered quickly.

I saw a neuro ophthalmologist and she could see that my optic nerve was pale after ON. I did take steroids and they made no noticeable difference at that time.

I think my vision is still improving! OMS for just over three years. No relapses, feeling well!

Stick with OMS and keep the faith. I did a lot of meditation where I envisioned the healing of my optic nerve. I still do it from time to time. I used to take a piece of graph paper, draw an x-y axis on it and then use a marker to shade where I could not see. I dated and kept the papers and slowly I found that I could see more and more. It was really a trying time!

I am sorry about your vision. However, as many others have said stick with the OMS program. I was diagnosed back in 1992 and after the initial shock I started to research the condition. I discovered Dr Swank's diet and also found a gp who supported alternative therapies (although I no longer am in contact) Twenty-five years later I still lead what ultimately is a normal life. I work full time and am still employed as a practising musician from time to time.
I have had one episode in my eyes but it did get better and although my optic nerve is a bit pale I cannot overemphasis how useful this Program is so please continue with it. I also used to exercise quite a lot which I think also helped a lot. I don't exercise enough now as I work a bit too. I need to change that.
In my experience this diet is a great way to control ms. I don't think it will help fix episodes quickly (that is a steroid thing) but over time it does appear to control the progress, so please stick to it.
All my best and good luck

As others have said, stick with OMS! The lifestyle takes time to come into effect - Prof Jelinek says between 3 and 5 years to stabilise. It is NOT a quick-fix solution, so unsurprising that you haven't noticed much difference after only 3 weeks.

My first symptom was also ON, and I have had another 2 episodes since then (over 8 years). My most recent episode was December 2015 after almost 3 years on OMS. OMS is not a guarantee that you will not have more episodes, but my two relapses since following OMS (ON and mobility) have both been much shorter and less severe than previously.

I have also been on Copaxone for 3 years and my Neuro expressed surprise at how well I was doing on it. I am certain that this is due to my commitment to OMS.

Stick with us, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Thanks a lot for your candid and encouraging responses.
I'm starting my OMS diet today, I'm going food shopping to get all the right things and supplements how many vit d tabs a day should I take?

I have had a smoothie made with greens avacardo and berries for break, calmile tea and drinking lots water

I'm going gym later to do some swimming and cardio

I need to get my head around the meditating

Any help grateful xx
I'd get your vitamin D levels tested and make sure you get a number rather than just an OK/Low/High. From that, you can then get an idea of the amount of vitamin D you need.

Smoothies are good, but avocado is high saturated fat, so I tend to use apple, carrot, banana and kale as my base ingredients.
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Thank you for your help
Meditating is as easy as listening to the 15 minute long mp3 available to download from The podcast section on this site.
Firstly welcome to the newbies, sorry you had to join our club but on a positive you've come to a place where you will find support and love.

Play around with your diet, diet does help you just have to find the one that works for you.
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