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Hello! So I've been on the OMS Diet since November 2016 when I was fortunate enough to attend Dr Jelinek's presentation in Los Angeles. Only six months later I'm feeling great, way better than I was after 3 years on the Wahls Protocol, which is very motivating!

That being said, my Lipid blood test results came back today and are worse:
All of the main lipid markers came back with observations about "intervention needed"

LDL ("bad" cholesterol) is higher than the reference range
HDL ("good" cholesterol) is lower than the reference range
Triglycerides are higher than the reference range

Whilst on the Wahls Protocol all my #s were always great, always within reference ranges!

I guess avoiding ghee, coconut oil and coconut milk, plus lowering my fatty fish, avocado, and olive oil consumption (in order to reduce saturated fat intake) has to have pushed my HDL down. Plus, on Wahls I avoided grains accross the board, but now have been eating rice and quinoa pretty often, which seems to have increased my triglyceriedes and LDL!

So my question is, how do I increase my HDL if I have can't eat coconut products and have to reduce/limit my fatty fish, avocado and olive oil? Where do I get the good fats if they all have saturated fat?!

I really need to work on this because my doctor literally said that "this new diet of mine is having a very negative effect on my health, at least from a bloodwork point of view!"

I'd really appreciate any pointers anyone could give me, thanks in advance
That's interesting, my cholesterol is very good combined is just 2.8 UK measurements. There is natural fat in all whole foods even lettuce.
Looking at things you may be eating lots of now is it refined white bread, white rice? Not that you should be but rather thinking of things you could be doing that's effecting your bloods.
I have/share an avocado most weeks I don't avoid them.
That's very strange. Since being on OMS all my fat levels are very good (cholesterol was always a bit too high prior to this). My GP's comment is always "If you were as healthy (i.e. from a mobility point of view) as your blood results are, you'd be laughing!" You haven't really been on the diet very long - p'raps it just needs more time for things to get adjusted. :?
Have you been losing weight during the last six months? I was once told by a physician, that while you are losing weight, the cholesterol levels can temporarily rise. I do not know, whether this is correct. I only remember that my lay person’s very simplistic idea of explaining this paradox was that perhaps “burning my own body fat” may for a limited period of time have similar effects on lipid levels as eating fat meat.
In any case, I would think, that these elevated levels are only a temporary phenomenon. Personally I am convinced that OMS diet leads to perfect blood lipid levels, long-term.

Best wishes
My blood is also much better then it used to be. My bad cholesterol was always high, since I remember. One year into OMS my cholesterol dropped down significantly and good cholesterol looks good too.
I do not limit oily fish too much (how much do you eat??) I eat about a third to a half of avocado on most days. I eat a handful of mixed nuts every day... I eat grains a lot.
Wow, thank you for all the comments

So my diet has been mostly vegetables (as it was on the Wahls Protocol), only I used to have red meat 2-3 times per week plus liver and organ meats also weekly, and also ate fatty fish pretty much daily (sardines and salmon, both canned and wild caught).

On the OMS I have avoided fatty fish, may eat salmon or a can of sardines every 2-3 weeks, and the same for avocado. Olive Oil I have maybe a tablespoon every other day on my salad, but most of the time I use flaxseed oil..!

The grains I've incorporated were steel-cut oats for breakfast, and quinoa for lunch with my salad. Sometime at dinner I'll throw in some wild rice with cooked vegetables, or with non-fatty white-meat fish (mostly cat fish and sea bass).

That being said, I do eat nuts every day, mostly almonds, but throw in a couple of cashews and walnuts, and one brazil nut per day for the selenium

Maybe I went too far/strict with the saturated fats, and have to increase a bit of fatty fish and avocado in order to get my HDL back up! And maybe cut back a little on the grains since I'd been avoiding them 100% for the past 3 years on the Wahls Protocol, maybe my system needs to get adjusted. Maybe in three months my next routine test will surprise me with these changes :)

I really appreciate the info, and hope you're all well
This is not low fat just low saturated fat. Quinoa is not a grain it is a seed. I'd swap back for salmon pilchards and lose the catfish white fish.
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