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Hello Everyone,

It's been a while :)
I had an MRI 2 weeks ago, here are the results-

"Hello Ms. Wright -
The brain MRI showed no progression of the MS.

Note from radiologist:
MRI Brain Impression
No significant interval change since the prior
examination dated 10/6/13. Stable T2 hyperintense demyelinating lesions without definitive new T2 hyperintense focus. The patient refused gadolinium contrast.
No progressive volume loss. "

Dx Aug 2012.
Immediately adapted OMS diet & 10,000ius of Vit D
Copaxone for 2 month before deciding that medicine wasn't for me.
Coimbra protocol in Dec 2016. Prescribed 50k ius I lowered it to 20k ius in about March 2017 because I wasn't able to be as strict with calcium intake.

Thankful for all of the knowledge
~Dx Aug 8, 2012 ~ OMS Aug 14, 2012 ~ Copaxone Oct 14, 2012 ~ Stopped Copaxone Dec 2012
Be well, live long and prosper!
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