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I have been relapse free since starting OMS in 2010. This week my neurologist said that I am doing very well and that there is a case for taking a break from medication for a year. I have completely changed my diet and exercise habits since 2010. This is the reason I am so well today. And now I'm drug free. Thank you George. To anyone contemplating adopting this regime I highly recommend it.
HUUURRRRAAAAHHHH!! Congratulations on the results of your hard work!! And I also say Thank you to George and everyone! Thank you for sharing the good news!
WOW Elva.

That is really GREAT GREAT news.
Fantastic that such a short two line post can make one so happy, especially on your behalf .
I am almost on my sixth year on OMS, and have been relapse free the entire period with symptoms gone away and others fading.

Please keep up the good work, ande were well done.

I read this yesterday and thought well done! Today I had my annual neurologist appointment & I have good news too. my EDSS has gone from 1 to 0 & my neuro exam was 'normal'.

May the good news continue to spread!
Diagnosed 2006
OMS 18th September 2014 & loving it!
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