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hi there, I just had a bit of a fright in the kitchen. I was preparing dinner and my eyes have suddenly done what I explained to my husband as being like a camera shutter flicker. It lasted probably 2 seconds, but it's never happened before, and I'm concerned it could be that macula degeneration that can happen from gilenya. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I've been on it 2 and a half months. I never had problems with my eyes before.

Cheers, Mel
Hi Mel,

If I were you, I would be making an appointment to see an optometrist as soon as possible. I know very little about macular degeneration but I do know that it is one of the risk factors for Gilenya. I have just started my second month on Gilenya and our insurance company has stipulated that for coverage to continue I have to be examined by an optometrist between the second and forth month I believe. My appointment is made for mid-March.

I hope your experience turns out to be nothing but I think you're really smart to be concerned, most definitely look into it.

Best of luck,
thanks for your reply Julie, I will get it checked out.

Mel :)
the optometrist found nothing unusual, but I ended up at emergency last sunday, after waking up through the night with a sharp pain in my head and seeing squiggles, and then a black circle with white squiggles around it through each eye. They told me to keep taking the gilenya, and I had a hospital eye checkup last Wednesday anyway, so said to see what they say. The doctor said if I didn't have ms, he would think I'd had an ocular migraine. I've never had migraines in my life, so I better not start now. He saw a mild change in my left eye during the scan, but said not to worry about it, and come again for a checkup in 3 months. I hate it when you're more concerned about drug side effects than the actual ms. I never had eye issues before, except for a pulling feeling in my head. I said I'm not going to go blind am I?, and he said 'I hope not' !!! Not feeling too reassured :?
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