Hi, this is a first time post for me.. i have been reluctant to seek advice from this forum until now..happily going along my OMS journey relatively solo..so thanks for being here when I need you all.
I am 52. I was diagnosed with MS in 2012, initially put on Tysabri, but discovered to be JC virus positive, so transferred to Fingolimod after 12 months, which I have now been on for 6 years. In that time my 6 monthly MRI (now 12 done monthly) have all shown "no active disease", although my "multiple (old) lesions in brain and spine" remain it seems. I am symptom free from the MS, and pretty much from the Gilenya, as far as I can tell, so have broached the possibility of coming off the medication with my Neurologist.. He seems reluctant, saying that there will "soon" be a blood test that can predict the course of the MS in each individual (sounds scary to me), and that I should wait until I have that test before I decide to discontinue the Gilenya. My main concern with the drug is that i seem to be developing more (benign) skin cancers lately, which could be a side effect, or could be my age and due to my skin exposure - I swim a lot (thanks to my MS diagnosis those years ago), which I love. Signs of HPV which has been "dormant" for years have also returned in pap smears, so I feel my Immune system is being fundamentally affected. Does anyone have any similar experience or reflections? Thanks. :)