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Catgirl wrote: A week ago or so I posted about feeling tired and I gave info about my vitamin D level. It wasn't too low but it wasn't too high either. Nryan suggested I do a megadose of vitamin D which I did. I feel so much better this week! As we head into autumn here, I will be careful to watch my vitamin D level. I purchased some of those at home kits to test my level. I will send in another at the end of this month. Vitamin D seems to be a factor for me!

Where do I get an at home vit d test?
ashleyg wrote:

Where do I get an at home vit d test?

Where are you based?
I am in UK and just ordered couple of tests here:


- I took this link from other posts, seems lost of people in UK use this.
Hi Guys,

I'm glad to see this topic is still fresh and people are viewing it. I still take my Avonex shot every Saturday morning, do my exercise then shopping and then take the rest of the afternoon off. Recently, I had to work on 2 Saturdays, so it's not ideal, but it does seem that 10 of 1% better each week and I still don't listen to any depressive thoughts on Saturday nights.

I'm still taking the medicine because I became convinced it has a lasting benefit, especially in the beginning. I am also fully committed to the OMS programme, including Exercise and Meditation. I'll also have to publish some of my recipes when I have time. My MRIs have been not only clear, but the radiologist noted that lesions from 5 years ago (wow, is it that long already?) have disappeared and the others not grown. He also stated that I have normal brain atrophy for my age, which is to me the most significant finding. I don't know if it was worse than average the first few years and now is better, or if I have caught up.

So the message is still the same - if you are going to take the Interferons, be aware of the side effects, which are not small. And keep up with the programme!

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
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