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What does this mean? This includes copaxone too? If they don't stop progression to disability, what's the point of taking them at all? If they help your inflammation or whatever short-term, then wouldn't they help you long term? Ultimately it's disability that we need to avoid. No wonder my neuro said "because the other drugs don't work". My reading of it is take the effective drugs like tysabri or Gilenya whilst you wait for OMS program to kick in.

http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ity+in+MS/
The study you refer to is specific research about the interferons. Copaxone is a completely different class of drug.

Keep in mind that the reason we post the research is so that you can read what the experts are saying and make up your own mind about what constitutes real benefit and what is sophisticated marketing.
I've been on Rebif interferon for ten years and even though my MS fatigue is worse, I havent been in hospital to treat an MS flare up, whereas before i was on Rebif I had 3 flare ups about every two years and needed steroids in hospital. So I can't complain!
If you're not on an interferon, maybe it's best not to start. If you are on one and doing well, it may be best to continue.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
glatiramer acetate is copaxone? It seem to say the long term effectiveness of glatiramer acetate is also unproven and disputed.

Several con- trolled therapeutic trials have consistently shown that im- munomodulatory treatments, interferon beta and glatiramer acetate, can reduce relapse frequency, relapse-related pro- gression of impairment and disability, and inflammatory ac- tivity as depicted by magnetic resonance imaging.4 The com- mon but disputed assumption has been that these clinical and radiographic findings in studies limited to 2 to 3 years’ duration translate into long-term benefits, with delay or pre- vention of long-term disability in patients typically seen in a neurological practi
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