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Just wondering if anyone else experiences zero side effects with Avonex?

I took it about 2 years ago and always had the flu like symptoms, every single week without fail. Now I don't have any. I'm not complaining but I never anticipated this!
I wonder if our bodies change after taking Avonex. The body is a set of infinite feedback loops. I'm used to Avonex and I don't know what that means medically. It makes shot day easier, but I don't know if it means my body no longer responds to its own interferon or whether the drug is still effective.

So many unknowns with this disease and treatment. If you're going to be on it and it seems to be working then you can be thankful.

What made you start, stop and start again anyway?

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I don't have a great reason for stopping. I didn't like the flulike symptoms which were there after every shot, even after 18 months. I had no ms symptoms and was distracted by many other life situations.

I had my first bout of optic neuritis a few months ago and that was the catalyst that has got me back on A.
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