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In Praise of Interferon

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 8:26 pm
by Alex
I recently came across this interesting study and wanted to see what people thought. I started interferon immediately after being diagnosed and have always questioned my decision. I think this study is compelling in it's simplicity. The only criticism I can see is that it was funded by the manufacturer which should make us suspicious, though not allow us to simply dismiss it out of hand. It's also possible that patients were not properly randomized, but again, that may be too easy a criticism. Either way, I think it is worth talking about.

The followed up patients from one of the original trials of interferon β-1b. They were able to track down 98.4% of the original 372 participants. 81 had died in the intervening years. All they looked at was cause of death. As a group, those who received the Interferon had a lower death rate from all causes.

Full Paper:

we observed that the HR for death was significantly reduced by 46.8% in the IFNβ-1b 250µg group and by 46.0% in the IFNβ-1b 50 µg group compared to placebo. This nearly identical effect size in the two independently randomised groups provided strong supportive evidence that the observed survival benefit was not due to chance (ie, from a type I error). Although it was still possible that the observed benefit reflected an unusually high death rate in the placebo arm, this too seemed unlikely given the virtual overlap of placebo-group mortality with natural history studies18

Re: In Praise of Interferon

PostPosted: Wed May 08, 2013 3:36 am
by Tingletingle
I think it should give you a double spring in your step to know that both OMS and betaferons are working to keep you upright and breathing.

Must say I have stopped reading alot of these studies because of the gloomy statistics, for example the first line in the summary saying that we normally could expect to die 7 - 14 years earlier than the general populuation. Of course I'm hoping that those are the fried food and cheesecake eating people, not us.

Re: In Praise of Interferon

PostPosted: Wed May 08, 2013 5:22 am
by Alex
I don't know. Around the time I was diagnosed and started Interferon before I started the diet, I began to hear terrible things about it and it worried me, but I didn't feel comfortable to stop them. now that I'm on the diet 3 years and the interferon, it's hard to stop a combination that seems to be working.

I spoke with a woman tonight who was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to treat it naturally at a leading naturopath university. She took no conventional treatments and beat the cancer. She has a son and I wonder how she was so brave to go against her doctor's advice and go her own way. I'm not so brave, so I'm happy to see a study that shows some benefit.