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I have recently been diagnosed with RRMS (6 weeks ago) and have my first appointment with my neuro on April 1st. My MS specialist nurse gave me some information about an on-going trial looking at combined treatment with Avonex and antiLINGO-1. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? I know it's unlikely as the trials are at an early stage but people on this forum are usually pretty up to date with research.

Thanks for reading

This Recovery Program page on Drug Trials may help with your decision.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ug-Trials/
Thanks for the information Wendy, unfortunately I am all too aware of how the industry works which in this case is why you have to have the Avonex if you want the Anti-LINGO-1 (made by the same company). No arm of the trial is looking at Anti-LINGO-1 alone.

Guess I'll just have to think about it a bit more, though the remyelination aspect of the Anti-LINGO-1 is interesting/tempting.

Thanks again for the response this is all very new to me.
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