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Hi all,
I'm diagnosed RR MS and on betaferon for 12 years and quite stable after a few relapses in the first year.
I started the OMS program 2 months ago and I'm really determined to follow through.
Short after starting OMS I got a severe cold that took me 1 month to recover from (probably due to the betaferon).
Since that time I'm still feeling cold a lot and have cold shivers (not only short after injecting, but pretty much all the time). I went to my general practitioner to test for infections and thyroid function but that was all ok. So it kind of looks like the betaferon is starting to give heavier side effects since I'm on OMS. Does anyone recognize that?

Also I lost 3 kg of body weight since on OMS.

Currently I'm going to quit the betaferon for a (short) while to see what happens to the shivering. Also I got an appointment with my neurologist about that next week. I didn't miss a single bf-injection for 12 years but after reading the OMS book a whole new world opened up for me and it feels like I'm on a roller coaster right now.

Some pointers anyone? Thanks in advance!

Wouldn't the shivering and cold be a natural effect / result of losing 3kg in weight?
Diagnosed June 2004
thanks for the reply.

That could be a possible explanation.

However both my g.p. and my neurologist want me off the betaferon anyway after 12 years since it is not suited for a lifelong treatment.

After a month without the meds I still don't feel much better. Unfortunately I still didn't manage to gain any weight :roll: and the weather is still very cold. I doubled up on the flaxseed oil (to 40 ml/day) to stabilise my body weight, but still find it very hard to gain any weight at all.

Next week I'm seeing my gp again to discuss it.
And next month my neurologist to maybe do an MRI and discuss alternatives.
After more testing it appears that I have a low phosphate blood value. Most probable cause is low intake in my diet.
So currently I'm eating two egg-whites a day and will check the bloodvalue again after 2 weeks....

What is your vitamin d level.
For extra food consumtpion cold baked sweet potatoes are versitile and I like just cold sliced and toasted baked potato. Just got to eat more as food is not so calorie dense.
Hi, thanks.

My vitamin D level is exactly 150!

I will buy some sweet potatoes to try that!
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