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I always notice this Mitox. thread has no topics, I have used this drug as part of my treatment.
It was the last disease modifying drug(DMD) I used. I must say it was a daunting experience being treated in the Chemo wards. I was treated for approx. 2 years and I was taken off the drug, my White blood cell count dropped and after 6 years still is very low.
The docs have never acted on my cell count but I have known cancer patients to have blood transfusions if their counts are low?
Probably because I am very healthy despite my blood results? Anyway i was exhausted after 2years on Mitox. and I was juggling full time work at the time so I have not sort any DMD after that treatment I just enjoy the OMS lifestyle. (I am using the high dose vitamin treatment at present)
1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.
MS treatment SHOULD involve sophisticated algorithms considering age, time with Dx, current biomarkers, etc. Then there are personal issues; wealth, career, kids, etc.
If any drug is so great, give it to the younger patients with kids and jobs.
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