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Hi, I was diagnosed in 2013 and started OMS is 2014. I was diagnosed after a fairly big relapse but then stabilised a bit and had no active disease or new lesions until 2017 when I decided to go on copaxone after a relapse in 2016. I have tolerated this drug well but my symptoms have got a little worse (tiredness, numbness, weakness in arms and legs and bladder issues). My latest MRI (first since copaxone) shows no disease activity and no new lesions, however existing lesions at C2 and C3/4 have got bigger.

My neurologist has recommended I consider more aggressive treatment because of their location, either Tecfidera or Gilenya. I’ve tried to read up on these and they seem to be very effective at reducing relapse rate but I’m not relapsing regularly. Does anyone have any experience of these drugs? Do they reduce lesion size? I realise I probably need to come off Copaxone given my recent results but not sure what I should go for. Any advice appreciated! Thanks so much .
Hi there
Have you seen this page perhaps there is information there that might help you.
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