I’m a 36 year younger old female just diagnosed. Unfortunately my diagnosis has been quite delayed due to an atypical mri. My worst symptom is my bladder which started 5 years ago I recently saw the urologist who has prescribed self catheterization due to retention and recurrent uti. I also have some weakness in my legs but no mobility issues, Minot vision troubles and minor arm pain. My neurologist estimates I’ve had ms for over 8 years. She presented me with all treatment options and I initially chose mavenclad. I was attracted to the safety profile, effectiveness and short treatment course. Hawever I’m getting cold feet. I joined a Facebook page for Mavenclad users and there are some scary reports of cancer, severe lethargy and meningitis. I’m considering using copaxone instead but I feel with the severity of my bladder maybe I should take a stronger medication. I’m so confused and scared and feel that I’m between a rock and a hard place. Any thoughts?