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I too had a spam message sent to me a week or so ago. They were offering me millions of pounds if I reply to them! I too reported it to the mods but haven't had a reply as yet.
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Yes i got one too but couldn't find where to report it.
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I have had same experience. Received spam, sent pm to George and also to moderator and the general contact and haven't had a response. It is a bit concerning. I don't want to leave this group.
Hello Everyone,
Apologies for the delay in responding to you. And apologies also that you were 'spammed'. We have a very rigorous process in place to deter spammers from the Forums and ensure that everyone can use the Forums in peace and safely. However, despite a careful scrutiny of each application to join the site, occasionally a spammer will get through.

We have always been blessed with the ever watchful presence of Wendy, our moderator, however recently Wendy has stepped down from the role of moderator and we are making new arrangements as quickly as possible. Read more about Wendy in the next issue of Whatever It Takes.

In the meantime, please be reassured that we are continuing to monitor the Forums for potential spammers and they will be ejected quickly.
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