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Waiting with bated breath ... Specifically for Jack McNulty's recipes!


Looking forward to it!
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You won't be disappointed. I lost count at 130!
Fab!! Looking forward to it!!!

Take Care

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Quoting: " It's been longer in the development stage than we would have hoped. "

As a well-known quote states...." All good things come to those that wait. "

I too will be eagerly waiting. Thank you Micky P for keeping us informed and up to date.
Jackie.....diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with BrainStem disease.....11th April 2015..... at the ripe old age of 64........
Congratulations guys! What an achievement. It is going to be a wonderful resource for people overcoming MS everywhere.

Thanks for all the hard work....
Is there a setting where i can automaticallly receive notification of every post in the forum?
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
There are settings in the back end that will need to be activated Kashu, they are for subscription buttons for the whole board, forums and sub-forums.

Common problem with phpBB apparently.
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Are you saying I can't do it myself?
I am not on much these days due to being so busy and one reason is I hardly ever have notifications. I usd to get heaps that informed me of new subjects.
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The easiest thing to do is go to

This will show any new or unread posts. If there are thousands you can go to
and click Mark forums read oin the top right to start from a clean slate.
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