The book ... they seek it here, they seek it there, ... Well if somehow they already know for sure that that is what they need.

Some years back, the trick was just to find the book. Start from there, read and assimilate, jump onboard. Since then we've seen any number of people asking how to find the book. It might seem obvious to head to Amazon and do a search for the name of the topic, the program, the lifestyle (if you know what it is called). But now, things have moved on. For the befuddled newcomer things may seem a tad cryptic. Perhaps they can start searching for OMS via their favourite web search engine. That might throw up the web site. Now begins the real hunt.

If the beginning of the thread which is to lead to a whole new and healthier life is by this avenue, then where to begin. I had assumed that the starting point would probably be the book, but there seems no reference to that on the web site front page. Digging deeper we may come across references in various places to a few OMS books. So which one is the dizzy newcomer to go for.

Perhaps times have moved on and the book is not the starting point.

The book issue can feel like a bit of the , and that's for those that have already stumbled upon and dived into OMS.

If the book is a good starting point, I'd think that it would be useful, even essential for the web site to have a very clear reference to it, how to get it, and explanation of why it should be procured.

Hopefully the newcomer's digging will find
but even that page can look a bit spammy, with upfront mention of offers.

The new book, the earlier one, the stories book, or is this OMS just about diet and the newcomer should go for the cookbook, ...

I'd have thought that simplicity and clarity was paramount, especially for the newcomer who has just come from spam central with all the web horror stories, chaos, trauma, and crazy stuff out there.