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Now that the forums appears to need to be logged in to every day, (which while a pain) isn't really that big of a pain. While that's a minor pain, the real pain is that it logs you into the main site, and then you have to navigate back to the forums, where you were when you had to log in.

Could the forum log in, be linked to the forum section, instead of the main site?

It would make it a one click set up, rather than being on the forums, click to go to the main site, then either click to reload the forum, (from a bookmark), or click the Community link, then the Forum link, just to get back to the page you began on.
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HI Farrier,

I have a bookmark in my browser that takes me straight to the news page with one click and I'm permanently logged in.
Maybe something's changed in your browser?

I've just added another link to the Forum front page and that works for me as well.
Hi Farrier,

Thanks for the feedback. We will get our tech team to look into this as it shouldn't be happening.

Kind regards,
OMS Web Editor
Be well, live long and prosper!
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