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To my mind, and eyes, the jumping web pages don't make it easy to read. Indeed, for those that read and think about what they are reading, as opposed to just speed skimming a little of the material as it flies by (or who have ultra fast minds), the page jumping can seem a rather unnecessary inconvenience. I'd prefer to be allowed to click/touch to turn pages under my control.
Hi. I don't quite follow what you are experiencing when reading a page here.
Is this in the forum or when viewing the main site?
I'm curious about what you are seeing.
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I am looking at the front page https://overcomingms.org/ , it has an upper strip of images (currently showing OMS circles, Hadrian's wall, then nothing). Because the 3rd image in not present, everything below jumps up, then when the next image comes it jumps down again (by the height of the image). I suggest inserting a same sized image even if blank in the 3rd slot just to allow the lower sections to remain stable and more readable.
As this page is the first impression that many will get of OMS as newcomers, perhaps it would help if it was easily readable.
(As context, I am viewing on Firefox 60.0 under Yosemite on a cinema display, but the same jumping effect is unhelpful on iPhone particularly in landscape more).
The front page is working fine on the 7 android tablet using chrome. The top image is one of three with an arrow if picked displays the next image otherwise it stays still.
What do you see if you use chrome?
On Chrome, I see a 3rd image (of GJ), and no jumping. So Firefox must be filtering that out somehow. I have no filters running to impact overcomingms.org, and any filtering via my ISP would be the same in FF and Chrome. Would be interesting to hear whether anyone else running FF sees the same effect. That said, I'd prefer a static front page, no sliding images. Easier on slow, old, ON eyes.
I'll check FF when on my pc tonight and update the thread.
Hi Mess Positive,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and our apologies for the inconvenience. The page shouldn't jump at all - by the sounds of things there is an error occurring when you view. I will have our technical providers look into this today.

Best wishes,
OMS Web Editor
Seems all fixed now - lower parts of the page are steady (on FF). Thanks.
I wonder if there are other ways to give your desired animation to your front page other than swiping sections past.
But that's just my preference, ON and other eye/brain issues have long made such movement challenging - like movie subtitles almost always being yanked away before I've read half way.
My wish for the splash front page of the site is (to use words from Rebecca) something drop dead gorgeous, but in the words of a CMU professor friend, a page that captures the reader with progressive disclosure, leading them irresistibly into the substance of the program and past any glister.
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