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How does autoimmune disease affect the treatment of drinking water and its subsequent drinking. Water is an integral part of our life. is the drinking of the treated water in our favor or, inexplicably, destroying our health? After looking at the MS sclerosis map I have the impression that just where the water is treated to be drinkable is the greatest incidence of MS. The occurrence of MS can be influenced by different ways of water treatment in developed countries / I have not yet seen what method npr uses. USA and Japan. I sent a link where you can see what the water treatment is doing. I am very afraid that the most expensive fluid (besides blood) besides life also brings problems, precisely because of its treatment. Does anyone else adjust the drinking water before drinking it?

https://www.cdc.gov/safewater/chlorinat ... ducts.html
Hi Peopus,
I have only used 100% pure Distilled Water for around 8 years now.
Distillers are very reasonable and do not cost a lot of money to use.
Well worth the outlay for optimum health !
They are available on line.
Best wishes,
DX 07.2007. In to year 13 of OMS .
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