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After being diagnosed with MS in 2014 and strictly following the OMS protocol immediately thereafter, I was also diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. This came as quite a shock, as I have none of the common risk indicators for either MS or breast cancer. I'm 46, fit, and extremely health-conscious, as many of us must be. I feel positive about the outcomes (still being treated for cancer), but am currently suffering a relapse and am a bit frustrated. Is there anyone out there in the same situation? I'd love to hear how you managed through the dark times.

Thank you-
Jocelyn in California, U.S.
That's great you found the OMS program and it provides something to focus on.
I am sorry to read you are also going through other challenges and hope soon you will be through those.
Meditation is a good tool and is part of OMS, there was a lovely series of podcasts for the whole of November each talking about different aspects.
All the best with it Jocelyn keep us informed on how you get on.
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