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What can you say about this research?
https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/ ... arly-study

as they say, part of the study was published in the journal “Brain” in November 2019 as
Häusler, Torke et al., High dose vitamin D exacerbates central nervous system autoimmunity by raising T-cell excitatory calcium, see https://academic.oup.com/brain/article/ ... 37/5532100 (https://doi.org/10.1093/brain/awz190). This study is open access, i. e. you can download a pdf and read the entire study.
It was a mice study. And although such studies give clues to what might happen in humans, it is far from certain, that the effects in humans would be exactly the same.
The researchers fed the mice with vitamin D containing diets in such a way that three groups of mice acquired 25-(OH)-vitamin-D levels of 30 nmol/l, 100 nmol/l or 250 nmol/l respectively. The group of mice with the vitamin-D levels of 250 nmol/ l suffered exacerbation of their symptoms in the mice-model EAE, most probably due to hypercalcaemia.
Note, that OMS does not recommend 25-(OH)-vitamin-D levels of more than 225 nmol/l.
As there are studies which show beneficial effects of Vitamin D in humans with MS within the range of 25-(OH)-vitamin-D levels recommended by OMS, (150–225 nmol/l or 60–90 ng/ml) I personally do not yet see sufficient evidence to discard the OMS recommendations regarding vitamin D. If you are worried by this new study, you could perhaps aim at having your blood level not exceed 200 nmol/l and you could have your calcium levels checked regularly in order to avoid hypercalcaemia.
Hope, you find my thoughts reasonable.
Best wishes
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